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The Day The Seasons Turn

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There’s something you should know about me.

I’m a weather geek.

I know that it’s a British thing, talking about the weather, and I’m sorry to be such a cliche. But I love weather. I love all kinds of weather (apart from wind; I mean, what’s the point?) – I’m happy with the heat, I love the early nights and chill of winter, I adore snow, and I love listening to the rain.

There’s one day every year that I look forward to, and it’s The Day The Seasons Turn.

It’s the end of summer and the start of fall, where there’s a chill in the air and leaves on the ground. The world has become shades of orange and brown.

Every year, on this day, I feel as if I’m in America.

Now, it makes no sense for this particular day to make me feel as though I’m in America.

Yes, I love the USA, but I’ve actually never been there in the fall. I’ve spent a week in Arizona in record-breaking August temperatures, I’ve spent my December birthday crunching through snow in New York, and I’ve done a DIY road trip of the Deep South in July. I’ve escaped to the warmth of Florida in January and eaten at Ruby’s in Oceanside, CA in March.

But I’ve never been to the US in the fall.

Now this is a travesty that needs putting right, I know.

And it also makes me think that this sense I have, of American fall, must have come from TV. In particular, Home Improvement. Gosh, I love Home Improvement. Those Taylor boys spent a fair bit of time out in their yard and, it turns out, when I spend time in mine, they’re on my mind.

Isn’t life funny?




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