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Friday Five: 29 March 2019

Here’s my quick Friday Five – five random things that are on my mind this week. Yes, this idea is totally borrowed from Tim Ferriss who eMails his 5-Bullet Friday every week. I totally recommend checking his out, by the way.

1) Book I’m Reading: Creativity, Inc by Ed Catmull.

I’m super excited to dive into this – I started it yesterday. Catmull is the President of Pixar Animation and Disney Animation.

It’s a book about being a creative organisation and the forces that will threaten a company’s ability to achieve this aim.

2) Love I’m Rediscovering: audio books.

I’ve been listening to podcasts for over a year, and they’ve been filling all of my travel time.

Since I don’t regularly spend huge amounts of time in the car, I’ve told myself that I can’t really get through full audio books, whereas I can get through a podcast every day or two.

This week I decided to shake things up and listen to audio books – starting with Rising Strong by Brene Brown. I’m a huge fan of hers and I particularly love her audio. She is such an engaging and entertaining speaker, which isn’t super easy considering her area of focus is shame!

By chance, I did a home visit 90 miles away this week so I’ve had more time in the car than normal. I’ve finished Rising Strong and am now listening to I Know How She Does It by Laura Vanderkam.

3) Lucky Find I’m Celebrating: The Hungry Caterpillar Show.

My daughter is really into the Very Hungry Caterpillar at the moment, and she was surfing Youtube this week when she stumbled across a video of the live show.

Now, this isn’t unusual.

She gives me all kinds of impossible missions to find shows and events based on what she’s seen online – usually these are years old and no longer touring, or only available in Japan or somewhere. So I wasn’t too hopeful.

But I did a search and found that the Caterpillar show is touring right now! The shows are pretty much sold out but I managed to speak to one of the theatres and have them fit us in their disabled area which will be a quieter space for my daughter, which helps with her anxiety levels.

She’s so excited that we’re going! I think I’ll book a hotel that night and turn it into a little weekend break.

4) Idea I’m Pondering: if you have the luxury to decide whether you consider an issue and feel concerned by it, that’s the definition of privilege.

I’m badly summarising Brene Brown, who explained this a lot better than I have, it really stuck with me from the audio of Rising Strong.

5) Article I’m Enjoying: Here’s How I Work by prolific author Nora Roberts.

This article is partly in response to suggestions from her critics that she must use ghostwriters or similar because nobody could be so prolific through their own hard work.

As a time management / productivity geek, anyone opening up their work flow process excites me a fair amount more than it may excite the average human!

That’s all for now.


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