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Back To School & Hobonichi Order Time

The middle of last week signalled the end of what had started to feel like a never-ending summer break.

Six weeks out of schedule has been nice, and it’s nice to get back to work and school. I got the distinct impression over the last few days of the summer that my daughter was ready to get back to school, so it was perfect timing really.

It’s a new school for her this year where, apart from a few transition visits and a school disco we took the family to, she’s a new face and doesn’t know anyone. She’s also travelling on school bus, which she’s never done before.

So, lots of changes and she’s done really well so far. She’s asked for bed early the first two days.

I’ve been adjusting to getting back into a work routine, and luckily I find all of that fun – figuring out what I want to achieve in this last quarter of 2019 and how to break my days down.

I’ve been sharing a daily time management tip in my Facebook group, and one of my goals for this quarter is to get my time management / productivity for writers book published.

In other exciting news, I realised I read 20 (yes, twenty!!) books in August – full list to follow – and, drum roll please…

September 1st marked the day that the 2020 Hobonichi planners were released! I ordered mine that day and am super excited for it being delivered, hopefully soon. I ordered the Techo Cousin again, and I’ve been thinking of the best ways to use the pages so I can improve on how I’m using my current one.


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