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The Magic of Creating Down Time by Enjoying Down Time

Does your down time actually relax, energise and nourish you?

Plenty of people feel like they have no free time, when in reality they’re just allowing their free time to be used in an Instagram-scrolling blur that they gain nothing from

You’ll feel more calm after a 10 minute walk or a short burst of reading a novel than you will after time checking on the fake filtered lives on social media

It sounds obvious, but spending time on the things you actually enjoy makes you feel as though you have more time.

Plus, you remember it more fondly. Good memories are a time super power. Encourage them whenever you can.

How can you spend your free time today?

I took a walk over lunch and will catch up with my sweet hubby this evening after a few days apart.


(I share short time tips like this each day over in my Facebook group – join me!)


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