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What I Read in March (2020)

March was a strange month. The month when the UK began to respond to the COVID19 pandemic, bringing in measures including closing schools, bars and restaurants.

Like many people, I watched the news more than normal as the situation developed. I quickly realised that watching the news made me anxious, and so I started leaving my phone alone for 90% of the time. Instead, I read.

And I read some great books.

Here’s what I read in March 2020:

  1. Pastor’s Wives by Lisa Cullen – I saw this recommended on Instagram. It’s a novel, easy to read, very entertaining. The characters are very well crafted.
  2. Consider This by Chuck Palahniuk – a writing craft by the guy who wrote Fight Club.
  3. The House in the Woods by Mark Dawson – a mystery novel inspired by the Bamber murders.
  4. The Day The World Came To Town by Jim DeFede – the true story of how a tiny town in Newfoundland became inundated with planes forced to land when American airspace was closed down on 9/11. This was a particularly appropriate read as it was all about community and people coming together in dark times.
  5. Silver Sparrow by Tayari Jones – I loved this novel about a bigamist, told by his two daughters (one by each wife). One family is secret, but knows about the other. The other family are the public family, but don’t know about the second family. By the author of An American Marriage which I’ve also read, I actually prefer this book. Highly recommend.
  6. A Litter of Bones by J D Kirk – crime thriller novel by an author I know, this book is excellent. The ¬†twist was brilliant, the characters were excellent and I can’t wait to read more.
  7. I’ll Be Gone in the Dark by Michelle McNamara – a non-fiction account of the author’s obsession with discovering the identity of the Golden State Killer, made more poignant because the author died (of natural causes) before finishing the book and before the killer was identified.
  8. Murder by Magic by Paul Tomlinson – a 1930s cozy mystery. Second in the series, I preferred the first.
  9. Follow Your Passions by Kristina Karlsson – a cute little book from the founder of Kikki K
  10. Dear Madam President by Jennifer Palmieri – an open letter to the women who will run the world. A really good read with insights into Hillary Clinton’s campaign and lessons for anyone in a leadership role.

I’m hoping to use some of this lockdown period to read through some of the books I already have.

It’s helping to have a good book handy as this strange situation unfolds day by day.

Stay safe,



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