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A Different Type of Easter Break

We’re apparently halfway through the two-week Easter break.

I say apparently because I only realised on Thursday that it was actually the first week of Easter school holidays. That explained why there hadn’t been any communication from school that week!

I think we’ve just finished the third week of school closures, and there’s no end date in sight yet.

My sister, who works in a national chain of non-essential shops, has been told the stores won’t reopen before the end of June.

We didn’t have any big plans for the Easter break. We’d discussed booking a holiday but hadn’t got around to it.

(I should have been in Venice with a friend the last week of March, though, which clearly didn’t happen!)

We did have tickets to see a Peppa Pig show at the theatre last weekend, which was cancelled.

Typically, the break would have included some days out. We have annual passes for the Yorkshire Wildlife Park, so we’d have gone there at least once, and I’m sure we’d have gone into the city to browse the bookshop and have lunch. We’d have taken the puppy out for some nice walks and probably would have booked at least one night away in a hotel with a pool – my daughter loves hotel breaks.

Instead, it’s more of the same: time at home, time in the garden (so grateful for the good weather we’ve having right now!), walking the dog locally, and breaking the days up with a drive in the car when needed.

We’ve had a lot of craft time, we’ve set up the hot tub for the year, and we’re playing a lot of toys. I think I’m my daughter’s favourite toy. Whenever I’m around, I have to have a toy in my hand and be playing some game we invent. It’s a lot of fun, but I have to focus on it – if I’m distracted (by keeping half an eye on the news, for example) we both get frustrated. So I’m trying to just put my phone away and give her my full attention.

I’ve been thinking about what I’m missing during the lockdown, and the answer is that I’m not missing many specific things. I guess the freedom to just do whatever we fancy each day is the main thing. I’ve never been able to sit and spend a whole day at home, and now we’re forced to do that. It’s an adjustment, for sure.

It will be nice to be able to hang out with family again, to see my friends, to have the office back to normal with the team together.

I do want to spend some time evaluating each thing before adding it back in my life again when this ends. Do I need to fill my schedule exactly the same way I had before this? Do I want to push some things out, either to leave some margin or to add more of other things?

Anyway, it’s Easter Sunday today, and we managed to put together an egg hunt that my daughter really enjoyed. We always do an indoor egg hunt so it was nice to keep that tradition. We’ll probably order takeout pizza and hire Trolls 2 tonight.

It’s a different Easter, for sure – we’d probably have hosted a family get together today if things had been normal. I might have cooked a roast dinner or some nice fresh salads. Instead, we’re having fish finger wraps for lunch.

Happy Easter!


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