One of my lockdown discoveries: I love reading blogs.

I’m absolutely LOVING my daily 5 minutes reading The SHU Box, that’s my favourite. I also read Laura Vanderkam, Grateful Kae, and Lag Liv.

I love the Heart Breathings updates too, but she does a lot by video and I am not an online video watcher. Like, never. I’m the person who scrolls past videos on Facebook to get to a text update from someone!

Some of these bloggers have really impressive blogging runs, well over a decade of blogging pretty regularly.

I guess I first blogged back in the heady Livejournal days around 15+ years ago. I’m sure I would cringe if I had access to those posts now. Some of my earliest online friends came from Livejournal and it’s pretty cool still being connected with them now, over on Facebook and Instagram, and seeing how they’ve moved countries, married, had families, changed careers, etc.

The other big thing to mention today is: who turned the air off?

It’s SO hot here this week!

Like, really stiflingly hot. I like the hot weather, I like the sun, I got lucky with my dad’s skin colouring so I tan pretty well (apart from last year when I went to Valencia and, like a typical British tourist, got burnt to a crisp on the first day of the holiday… I really learned some lessons around the sun that holiday).

But the thing with hot weather is that it’s meant to be enjoyed with air conditioning and an ocean or pool nearby to keep dipping into.

It’s not meant for an airless office.

I ordered a new office fan this week and it seriously can’t arrive quick enough, because it’s pretty miserable sitting inside in this heat. Opening the windows does zero to help because there’s just no air out there!


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