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Self Care Could Be NOT Taking The Cruise

We’re in the weeds lately, battling teenage hormones and emotions which are extra complicated because of our daughter’s additional needs.

This means that in some senses we are in survival mode. Surviving each day, rather than the thriving we usually aim for.

It’s certainly a time for self-care, and while self-care may often be made out to look like spa days and long baths and tubs of ice cream, sometimes it isn’t that at all.

Sometimes, the self-care is to not take the cruise.

That’s a literal example from our lives.

We were booked to take our first ever cruise this summer, a Disney Cruise of the Norwegian Fjords. It was expensive and incredible and, let’s be honest, hugely risky.

There was a very good chance we would get to the port and our daughter refuse to board. You can overpower a determined toddler, but a 14 year old who is tall like mummy? No chance.

There was a chance we would board, and she would hate being trapped on a ship… or I would. Jumping overboard could have become an appealing option over the seven days.

After going back and forth on the pros and cons of this trip that was already booked, last night I cancelled it.

The best act of self-care I can do right now is to accept that this is a difficult patch, and reduce demands. It isn’t the year for an exotic holiday. It isn’t the year to take a £7,000 gamble on a trip we might all end up hating.

It’s a year to hunker down, get the childcare we need, spend our family holidays at our caravan on the coast, and just get by.

This too shall pass.

Whatever you’re going through, that phrase is usually true.

But just because it will pass doesn’t mean you should make the duration any harder than you need to.

What would be a true act of self-care that you could do today?


5 thoughts on “Self Care Could Be NOT Taking The Cruise

  1. I am right there with you, Katie. We keep saying that we need a vacation because the last time we slept somewhere that wasn’t our own home was in 2017. BUT — it is hugely complicated with a child with special needs. It’s all the challenges you described, plus more that can be impossible to explain to another person without the experience you and I have.

    One of my favorite mantras is that nothing lasts forever – whether it’s good or bad. I can see that you and I share that outlook! I hope things settle for your family soon and that you find your new normal with A. I will be thinking about you!

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