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Get Rid of The Mental Clutter

We all know that a cluttered room leads to a cluttered mind, right? We've all heard that idea and can see the common sense behind it. How can you expect to focus if you're in an environment that is messy or chaotic? What we sometimes don't realise is that it isn't...

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Intentional Spending: Money & Time

One of the most common objections people raise to the idea of creating a schedule or planning their time to help them become more effective is this: Isn’t that kinda dull? A bit limiting? Doesn’t that, like, restrict me dude? It sounds like a valid point, until you...

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What I Read in December (2019)

It's a pretty short list of books read for December, which isn't surprising. Like most people, it was a month of many plans and social commitments. I actually made a conscious effort to accept and extend invitations, so I was out and about seeing people more than...

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