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What I Read in January & February (2021)

Well, it's been a long time since I posted anything on here. Things are good. We're coming towards the end of the third lockdown period in England and I'll say that this one has been difficult in different ways - it's felt as if the virus has been closer this time...

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What I Read In May (2020)

May was a great reading month. Still largely in lockdown here in England, with some minor relaxations such as outdoor distanced gatherings of up to 6 people being allowed, and still avoiding the news and social media scroll, I got through a good amount of books....

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What I Read in April (2020)

So April was the first full month of COVID19 lockdown. I'd love to say only full month of lockdown, but I don't see things opening up here (England) in May. I read a lot, and partly that was because I was deliberately trying to leave my phone alone and read instead. I...

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