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What I Read In August (2019)

Wow. August was a record reading month for me. I read 20 (yes, twenty!) books! I was home with my daughter, didn't do much work, and was trying to read instead of scroll on my phone. I also had a child-free holiday with my husband, and I spent a lot of time reading...

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Back To School & Hobonichi Order Time

The middle of last week signalled the end of what had started to feel like a never-ending summer break. Six weeks out of schedule has been nice, and it's nice to get back to work and school. I got the distinct impression over the last few days of the summer that my...

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A Writer’s Guide to Circadian Rhythms

If you haven't heard the term circadian rhythms before, you will almost certainly have heard of the idea, but under a different name - your body clock, perhaps. Circadian rhythms are your body's natural daily rhythms. They play a role in whether you'd say you're an...

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