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Best of Both Worlds Podcast Interview

I was really excited to be interview by Laura Vanderkam and Sarah Hart-Unger earlier this year for an episode of their Best of Both Worlds podcast. This podcast is my favourite and always jumps to the top of my playlist when a new episode is released. I talk about...

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What I Read in December (2018)

December was a productive reading month with a total of eight books read: The Daisy Children by Sofia Grant - a lovely book based around the real-life destruction of an American school which stole a generation of children from a small town. This book uses that as the...

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What I Read in November (2018)

Wow, talk about a post being overdue! November was a fairly quiet reading month with only four books read in total, but they were all enjoyable. The Thing About Clare by Imogen Clark - I've mentioned Imogen before as a friend from my writing group who is doing...

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