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What I Read in April (2020)

So April was the first full month of COVID19 lockdown. I'd love to say only full month of lockdown, but I don't see things opening up here (England) in May. I read a lot, and partly that was because I was deliberately trying to leave my phone alone and read instead. I...

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You Don’t Have To Do It All In A Crisis

This is a crisis, baby. As I define in Time Management for Writers, a crisis is usually: Short-term Unexpected COVID19 and the related lockdown is an absolute crisis, and I'm getting a little weary of seeing the memes that use productivity-shaming. "Yo! If y'all not...

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A Different Type of Easter Break

We're apparently halfway through the two-week Easter break. I say apparently because I only realised on Thursday that it was actually the first week of Easter school holidays. That explained why there hadn't been any communication from school that week! I think we've...

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