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What I Read – March 2019

March was an excellent reading month! I was pretty run down for part of the month, meaning I did less work in the evenings and more reading. Plus, hubby was away for a few days and I always read more without him around - I lock up downstairs when my daughter's ready...

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Friday Five: 29 March 2019

Here's my quick Friday Five - five random things that are on my mind this week. Yes, this idea is totally borrowed from Tim Ferriss who eMails his 5-Bullet Friday every week. I totally recommend checking his out, by the way. 1) Book I'm Reading: Creativity, Inc by Ed...

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Friday Five

A round up of the week and log of things on my mind: 1. Book I'm Reading: Free to Focus by Michael Hyatt - I received an advanced copy and am really enjoying it. 2. Productivity Tip: One of my biggest takeaways from Free to Focus has been using eMail signatures as a...

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