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Time Management Tips: Making Your Smart Phone Work For You

There's a rumour going around that smart phones are the root of all evil and the reason why none of us can focus and get stuff done. And yet, a lot of the people relying on this argument are also firm believers that... Guns don't kill people - people with guns do! So....

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What I Read in September (2019)

Can you believe it's October already? Madness! September was back to more of a regular reading month for me after the dizzy heights of reading 20 books in August. I can't see that I'll be reading that many again in the near future! I'm actually in a reading slump at...

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Country Music FTW

I'm a total country music geek. Apparently, I get this from my dad, although I don't remember ever hearing him listen to music at all. My older sisters tell me he did like country, though, so we'll blame him. For a while, I thought it was just me who liked country....

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