For Writers

Are you stalling on your author goals?

Not making the progress you feel you’re capable of?

Time Management for Writers will help you maximise your time in a way that will let you hone in on the things you should be doing. 

You’ll gain an understanding of how you’re spending your 24 hours a day right now, and how you should be spending that time instead to achieve your goals. 

In this book, Katie Forrest reveals:

  • how you’re spending time right now
  • why tech is the biggest source of distraction, but the easiest to overcome
  • the Three Zones that should have your focus
  • what the ADAPT Framework is, and how to apply it to understand exactly where your attention should go
  • how to build a toolkit to support your productivity
  • why everything you believe about the Muse may be harming your productivity
  • tips, tricks and hacks to help you become more efficient

This book is the roadmap that will allow you to take charge of your time. It’s for busy writers, by a busy writer.

What Others Are Saying…

“Put it this way, It’s been 18 months since I published fiction and 11 months since I published nonfiction. In that time I hadn’t finished a single book. I’ve written half a book in the first two weeks of this month. What more do I need to say! This [insert rude word here] works.” Sacha Black, author of 13 Steps to Evil: How To Craft Superbad Villains

“Thank you for your help. It’s changing my life, really!” – A J Flowers, USA Today Bestselling Author

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